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Key West Homes for Sale

Rethinking Priorities 2020 has been a uniquely stressful year for folks in America and around the world. We have faced pandemic, civil unrest, political turmoil, economic chaos, and even a few hurricanes thrown in to keep things really stirred up along the US Gulf Coast and across the Caribbean. All that in sharp contrast to […]

Bascom Featured in Keys Weekly Article on Hot Local Real Estate Market

Florida Keys Property Hotter than the Caribbean Sun A Keys Weekly story published August 28 2020 made it clear that the post-lockdown Florida Keys real estate market has heated up like the tropical summer sun. In a remarkable recovery, July 2020 Monroe County residential property sales popped 50% above 2019 comparable numbers. Closings hit 286 […]

Getting Away From It All in the Florida Keys

Emergency Alert: Key West Bars Closed! Last call at only midnight in Key West? Now that is a disaster. It’s downright scary and even un-Conch Republican. But what a year 2020 has been and what a summer we have had down here in America’s Caribbean Paradise. It seemed like the Keys were finally shaking off […]

Key West Lobster

Shake Off the Pandemic Stress With a Key West Summer Highlight

Limited Hours But Unlimited Fun in Tropical Paradise It has been a crazy summer but fortunately, with less than 2,000 total COVID-19 cases and fewer than 20 fatalities, Monroe County has so far been relatively lucky through the pandemic in comparison to many other regions. The Florida Keys were able to get back open for […]

Key West Reopens!

The Florida Keys are Once Again Welcoming Visitors On March 27, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the shut-down of the entire Florida Keys chain to visitor traffic by road. Only people who lived, owned property, or worked in the Keys were allowed through the checkpoints at mile marker 112 and on Card Sound road. At […]

Key West Real Estate

Shedding Light on Key West Real Estate & COVID-19

COVID-19 Hits the Florida Keys Hard It’s nearly impossible to overstate the impact that the coronavirus and COVID-19 disease have had on the Florida Keys and Key West economies. The Keys island chain is literally closed to visitors and the beating heart of Key West is all but silent. Coming so soon in the wake […]

Bascom Grooms 21st Anniversary

April 2020: Bascom Grooms Real Estate Celebrates Their 21st Anniversary

Serving Key West Home Buyers & Sellers for 21 Great Years! Bascom Grooms and the team at Bascom Grooms Real Estate are proud to announce that April 2020 marks 21 years of serving the needs of home buyers and sellers in unique Key West – America’s only Caribbean island paradise. Bascom has been working in […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Bascom Grooms is Open for Business!

Bascom Grooms Real Estate is Staying Keys Strong America is facing a period of serious difficulty as the dangerous COVID-19 disease sweeps across the world. It is hard time for many people, and being isolated under shelter-in-place orders does not make it any easier. Here at Bascom Grooms Real Estate, we have faith in the […]

Watch Bascom on House Hunters

Bascom Grooms Featured in New HGTV House Hunters Episode Watch Bascom at work in a new episode of the HGTV show House Hunters that is scheduled to air January 29, 2020 at 10:30pm EST/9:30 CT. In the show, Bascom helps a Key West family fulfill their dream of home ownership. The episode showcases homes both […]

A Conch Christmas in Key West

Celebrate the Season Island Style! There is certainly no snow on the ground for Christmas in Key West, but you definitely know it’s that most wonderful time of the year. Visitors and locals alike enjoy participating in the unique Conch-style festivities that mark the holiday season in the Southernmost City. It is impossible to miss […]